Seoul of Athens: A Recap of KUSA’s Ethnic Night

By Listya Munthe

Korean Undergraduate Student Association (KUSA) had their ethnic night, Seoul of Athens, on March 26th at Tate Grand Hall.

As attendees came in, they were able to try a variety of Korean foods and snacks before the performances started. Seoul of Athens kicked off with a traditional Korean wedding ceremony and was followed by students singing, dancing, and doing TaeKwonDo. Some of the performances were even original pieces created by the students. Kaptivated, also known as Edward Sun, and Monica Han sang an original piece together called “In a Perfect World,” and Paul Yoon played an original piece on his guitar.

Overall, Seoul of Athens achieved their goal of hosting an ethnic night that allowed people to experience the Korean culture from Athens. “I feel a lot better now and just relieved because I have been so nervous the past few months about having this event turn out well,” admitted Jungwoo Park, one of two Korean Ethnic Night Coordinators. KUSA has separate executive positions for Korean Night Coordinators, so it’s easier for the other officers on the executive board to focus on different events and programs throughout the semester.

KUSA started planning Seoul of Athens last summer. During the fall semester, members began creating a detailed budget and timeline for the ethnic night. Once spring semester began, they began to search for sponsorships by traveling around the Duluth area to speak with many Korean businesses and restaurants. There was an audition in the beginning of the spring semester for performances, which was followed by three separate dress rehearsals to make sure all of the performers were ready.

Overall, the food was delicious, the performances were impressive, and the hosts were hilarious. If you missed out this year, make sure not to miss it in 2017!

To look at the photos from the event, click here.

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